From the recording Simple Things, Guts and Dreams


THE BAYMAN SONG - Asetha Power

I want a man who stands steady on his feet

A looker who can hook her for a pan-fried feed

Got a quad, a boat, a freezer full of meat

Hunts like a coyote loves like a beast

I’ll be his Sweetie


I want a Wiseman, Carpenter, Lumberjack Dream

For this folk-singin', Pixie Witch, Wild East Queen

Good eyes, wire-thighs, fisherman genes

A bright-eyed, wide-smilin' Partridgeberry Tart

I’ll be his canned peach with Fussel's cream

He’ll be my Bayman

He’ll be my Bayman, Amen

I’ll be his Sweetie

Don't want no Townie no

I want a Bayman

I want a Bayman, Amen

I’ll be his Sweetie

I want a man who knows what he has in me

Keeps life simple takes it slow and sweet

Grownin' jiggs dinner, fishin' rivers, cuttin' trees

Bakin' casseroles, hangin' clothes, steepin' tea


What’s a girl to do

Like 'em strong, free and true

My Bayman, Amen

Only one man will do

And he’ll know it when I’m through

My Bayman, Amen