From the recording Simple Things, Guts and Dreams


GOT ME BY THE FEET - Asetha Power

He’s the kind of man

That has me prayin' to Jesus

Wants a second chance

But he does what he pleases

They say he’s no good

But his heart’s set on me

He says a family life

Could be just what he needs


He said the Devil has teeth girl

The devil has teeth

But the Lord God got me by the feet

I swear on Angel's wings girl

On Angel's wings

The Lord God got me by the feet

He can’t change
It’s the way that he is

And I won’t rearrange
His heart or his head

He wants to be a dad
After God makes me his

We'll buy a piece of land

Build a house for our kids

He ran off

Left me barefoot and stranded

His devotion
Didn’t come with the marriage

My true love

Stole my heart like a bandit

I was punch drunk

Now I’m sullied and branded