From the recording Simple Things, Guts and Dreams



I hold his picture

I fall to pieces

I must be crazy wishing he would take me

Back into his arms

That he would love me

Like he used to

Be my best friend care enough

To walk me through this world


I learned a lot about lovin' and longin'

Singin' Kitty Tanya n' Tammy tunes

When my hazel eyes start their cryin'

I turn to Crystal, Dolly, Patsy and June

I heard all o' the horrors of heartache

From George, Waylon, Willie and Don

The hard truth, morals and stories

From the right side of lovin' all wrong

Now I’m stuck

Rust in muck

Stuck in an old country song

Mama warned me

About the Jolene’s

Does he love her like he loved me

Is she fancy when the lights go out

He’s got the money

She’s got the honey

He broke the circle and the sunny side

An angel's bound to hit the ground

Raised a cowboy

He’s always lonesome

On the road again the race is on

I’m never on his mind

Done make believin'

Don’t wanna play house

I want a D.I.V.O.R.C.E.