1. Simple Things

From the recording Simple Things, Guts and Dreams


SIMPLE THINGS - Asetha Power

We camped Newfoundland

Fishin' hidden ponds

Listening to my dad and my brothers talk

Over beer and beans

The fish we caught

With a lot of heart

Raised on homemade bread

Home cooked meals

Mama made the most

Of every crumb and heel

Red Rose tea

Milk from a can

In her worn hands


God bless those simple things

Built me like guts and dreams

Believing in all I’d be

God bless those simple things

God bless those simple things

Nothin' came fancy or free

But they're what made me me

God bless those simple things

(God bless those simple things

I carry them all with me

Never knowin' what may be

God bless those simple things)

Building backwoods cabins

Fast go-karts

Jumping from the trestle

To the driftwood wharf

Chicken on the tracks

Til the loud train horn

Got our legs goin'

Rogue up the shore

Crazy on the trike

Rigged up ramps

For our BMX bikes

Out all day long

Burned or froze

Til we were called home

Eatin' fresh caught crab

From my cousin’s boat

Pickin' pricklies apart

And chasin' goats

Huntin' clamshell pearls

Starfish delights

Playing spotlight

Climbin' trees and rocks

Skinning out our knees

Believing fairy folk

Kept an eye on things

Pickin' berries and blooms

For my mama's tarts

We'd bake and talk