1. Do It Up Good

From the recording Simple Things, Guts and Dreams


DO IT UP GOOD - Asetha Power

I’ve got my mind and my humor

My two little boys

I don’t need nothin' else

My heart's wide open

My soul’s alive

I’m singin' myself to health

All of those days

That I spent cryin'

I could have been with someone else

But I’d rather be alone

Than go back to dying

I'm all good by myself


Girl if he’s gonna do the leavin'

Do it up good

Oh he's gonna have his reasons

But you done all you could

Girl, if he’s gonna do the leavin'

Forget the shoulda, woulda, coulds

Girl, if he's gonna do the leavin'

Do it up good

Built a house and a business

Kept all my kisses

And love to myself

I got time on my hands

My guitar's like a man

But it gives more than it gets

There's lots of ways

To spend this life

Makin' livin' good

So if he gets to the leaving

Get on with the grievin'

Then on to something else

Leave him behind

Have a bottle of wine

And keep your friendships close

Read all the books

Sing all the songs

Do the things you never could

Open the fridge

Have a sandwich and chips

Praise the meal you never cooked

It’ll take some time

To get back to yourself

But girl you know you should