I was raised on Old Country and Jesus in Newfoundland. I'm a Country Eastern Singer... ”

As a gifted singer-songwriter-storyteller with a homespun personality, angelic voice and irreverent humor, Asetha's soul seems to have descended from the likes of Dolly, Emmylou, Alison Krauss, Jewel, Stevie Nicks and Miranda Lambert.

Her sweet and sassy brand of Country Eastern beautifully blends the sounds of classic country with nostalgic east coast charm. As Asetha puts it, "I was raised on Old Country and Jesus in Newfoundland. I'm a Country Eastern Singer writing songs about everyday life and how my faith gets me through". 

Born, branded and living in Newfoundland, Asetha writes of how her roots have given her resiliency through a quick succession of devastation and change.

From 2010 to 2016, Asetha lost her health and career, got married, lost her mom to Cancer, birthed her angel baby at four months, lost her dad to early-onset Alzheimer's, delivered two healthy baby boys, lost her marriage then contracted a new home. Despite the profound losses she has experienced, and the challenges in regaining her footing as a single mom, Asetha found strength, surrender and solace in her faith.

Through complex grief, chronic depression, severe physical pain, and survival stress, Asetha has emerged grateful, grounded and at peace. 13 years after the release of her debut album "Child of Rhyme", for which she received extensive and extended play on CBC Radio and VOCM in Newfoundland, Asetha returned to writing, performing and recording music.

In October 2020, Asetha released her sophomore album in response to a devoted following on Facebook that adore her video posts of classic country covers and country eastern originals, during which she often shares raw, honest and quirky stories about her life.  

"Simple Things, Guts and Dreams"is a collection of 12 original songs for which she has received local airplay on K-Rock and VOCM and a nomination for Inspirational Artist of The Year for MusicNL. Given her prolific and proficient songwriting abilities, it seems that Newfoundland's own Classic Country Eastern Asetha is just getting started and perfectly poised to reach many more hearts with her soulful songs and stories. 

"Simple Things, Guts and Dreams" is an authentic, honest and inspired collection of original songs from Newfoundland Singer-Songwriter Asetha Power. With a mix of both classic country and new folk sounds, and rich with references unique to Newfoundland, this album is beautifully relatable and heartwarming.

Newfoundlanders living locally and away, as well as anyone nostalgic for a simpler way of life, will adore this album. Her lyrics are telling, clever and charming while the melodies and messages are uplifting and settle in for the long haul. A sense of  brilliancy and peace shines throughout her true tales of heartache, profound loss, resolve and resiliency.

Asetha writes of her roots shaping her todays. How faith and childhood recollections have carried her through a quick succession of devastation - the loss of her health, career, unborn child, mom, dad and marriage. The result is an album about overcoming the worst of life through faith, family and friendship. Each song holds delight, insight, and inspiration. 

On "Simple Things, Guts and Dreams", Dave Fitz, local producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, expertly captures the essence of what has appealed to Asetha's devoted Facebook following. A genuine, honest character. God-given talent. A kind, spunky spirit. A foolish and stubborn heart. As well as a deep connection to her faith and roots. 

Despite the profound losses she has experienced, and the challenges in regaining her footing, Asetha has triumphed. Her message or hope, grit and grace has touched many hearts and is captured exquisitely in her sophomore album "Simple Things, Guts and Dreams". 

Hear more about the new album in Asetha's interview with Greg Smith on VOCM Soundcheck:

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Dolly Meets Emmylou ”
A force of nature softly dipped in wonder”
Should be dubbed as Newfoundland's Sweetheart ”


Featuring Asetha Power - Frosty, Santa, Jesus and The Grinch, O Sweet Jesus & Happy Birthday Jesus.

Fresh off the release of her sophomore album "Simple Things, Guts and Dreams", Asetha is embracing her signature Country Eastern brand of singing and songwriting with new Christmas songs. "Frosty, Santa, Jesus and The Grinch" will charm hearts with cheerful nostalgia and uniquely-Newfoundland Christmas references. "O Sweet Jesus" is a devotional prayer to honor the many blessings of Jesus present in each day. "Happy Birthday Jesus", written by Dave Fitz, is a pure and sweet Christmas duet to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus. 

"Dave Fitz Presents Christmas 2020" includes 12 original and 2 classic Christmas songs performed by Newfoundland Singer-Songwriters. This fun, joyful collection of songs is sure to be a beautiful, meaningful soundtrack for all your Christmases to come! This CD captures and celebrates what a Country Eastern Christmas is all about! Food, fun, family and friends. And, of course, Frosty, Santa, Jesus and The Grinch! :)


Original Acoustic Performances

Classic Country Covers